Sunday, 19 September 2010

Window Shopping

Walking the city streets, it's safe to say I'm usually tripping up curbs because I'm nosing at someones necklace (really, I'm not looking at your chest) or fixated on a fab pair of heels - but recently, when wandering past Harvey Nics, I was instantly struck by their amazing window displays. Having a background in retail, I'm a huge fan of good visual merchandising, but this takes things to a whole new level.

Each window is filled with a floor to ceiling sculpture, made entirely from one object. The materials used range from pencils to pegs, and are not only eye-catching and incrediby well done, they're a nod to this seasons 'understated classic' trend. Described by the stores head of Visual Display as, "the current trend 'classics' turned on it's head to transform mundane objects into works of art."

First up, a dress made from pegs - perfect for pinching in that waist. (sorry!)

Secondly, this handsome chap made from books:

The photo doesn't do justice to the intricate detail on his face and hands.
He is also sitting on a lovely, notepad(ed) sofa - nice touch!

Finally, my favourite...

I love the warm, cosy feel the orange pencils give to this window, it makes me want to wrap up and run through the woods kicking crisp Autumn leaves.
The beautiful chunky-knit scarf helps too - even during forest frolics, a girls gotta look good!

You can see these, and the rest of the amazing displays at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, but be quick - my guess is that the Christmas windows will be going in soon!

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